CFD Analysis of Separator


CFD Analysis of Separator

“Our portfolio of high performance internals is aimed to maximize the capacity and increase the efficiency of a separator vessel to make it perform at its best. Troubleshooting and debottlenecking of separation processes by use of these internals increase the throughput and efficiency of existing production trains. New built vessels can be reduced in size compared to conventional separators. The results are performance improvement, problem-free operation, reduction in capital and operational expenditure and increase in profits.

Through analytical calculations, based on test results at actual conditions with real test fluids and gases, the suitability of the separation internals chosen is verified. The verification is much more than an evaluation of gas- and liquid load and includes residence time calculations, gravity knock-out calculations, flow regime analysis and evaluation of overall separation performance. If this concludes that the process design for the separation internals will be critical, it is often advised to perform a CFD study in order to carefully review how critical the design is in order to visualize the flow dynamics and understand the real bottlenecks. The output is used to fine-tune the analytical design approach and ensure an adequate and functional design that meets the specifications as promised.

Ideametrics Private Limited is an industry leader in applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to the design of equipment. We have executed number of projects for CFD based reports validating product safety or illustrating shortcomings. Our reports are in compliance with design standards and can be made to comply with the multiple different registration guidelines”

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