Numerical Simulations

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Numerical Simulations

Numerical Simulation is a scientific method of solving a physical system using a computer program. We at Ideametrics has a proficient team of Numerical Simulation equipped with software tools has track record of successful execution of 500+ projects.

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We have also developed scientific tools and processes facilitating execution of critical project in optimum time and with best in class quality. Team of passionate, dedicated Engineers well versed in Standards and Codes like ASME, PD550, API 579, TEMA etc. have experience of working with the 3rd party inspectors of Toyo, Petronas, Petrofac, Llyod’s Register Asia, Bureau Veritas, TÜV NORD etc.

A feather of achievement in the crown of Ideametrics is it working with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) for FEA of Cryogenic Tanks.

Fatigue Analysis | Fatigue Stress Analysis | FEA Fatigue Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis is the methodology that has been developed to mitigate the huge industrial problems through numerical method. In simplifying way finite element analysis is finding solution by subdividing large problems into finite elements.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics  (CFD) has been extensively used to cater industrial fluid flow and heat transfer problems since advancement in computer technology. It is profound and fascinating to understand the behavior of fluid and heat in various equipment before even you manufacture it.

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