Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Neutralization Pit

Project Description

Customer Requirement:

  • Carry out CFD Analysis of Neutralization Pit.
  • See the mixing in compartments A & B for 2 operating cases.
  • Determine the number of circulators required for proper mixing in those compartments.

Challenges faced:

  • Though we have experience in CFD analysis, every CFD project has its own challenges. Since we were in early stages of CFD analysis, we did not have much experience of this type of project.
  • The end client was from Middle-east Asia and asked for the project to be completed within 12 working days.

Project Highlights:

  • CFD analysis is a very critical task and needs domain expertise to successfully complete the project. As per client expectations, we delivered the project within the given timeline.
  • The results provided by us were duly confirmed in the lab tests at the client location.
  • The whole unit is now running successfully at various locations as shown by Ideametrics in CFD Analysis.
Project Type