Design and Detailing of Platforms and Ladders 17 in Nos

Project Description

Name of the end Client:


Client requirement:

  • Design and Drafting of Platforms and Ladders 17 in Nos.

Total number of drawings:

  • 39

Project Highlights:

  • Project was completed using STAAD.Pro & Auto CAD software.
  • Duration of the project was 22 Days.
  • Project was divided into 4 stages and each stage was examined to ensure error free drawings:
    • Inputs – Examine the inputs from the client, request for inputs/clarification needed.
    • Design – Design was thoroughly checked to ensure the codes and standards were followed.
    • Modelling – Model was studied to rectify discrepancies if any.
    • Detailing – All drawings were checked in detail.


  • Keen study and checking ensured error free drawings and timely deliverance of the quality work, thus avoiding several revisions.
Project Type