Failure Analysis of In-Service Tank

Project Description

Client requirement:

  • Do failure analysis of in-service Tank to find out reason(s) of failure and the remedy to resurrect tank.

Challenges faced:

  • Tank was recently commissioned at the client site and it failed at the conical shell junction during operation – inherently restraining the design change to resurrect the tank.
  • Narrow timeline to execute the project – finding the root cause of failure of design and resurrection of the design to avoid such untoward situation in future.

Project Highlights:

  • Failure analysis was carried out using Ansys software which proved that conical junction was not systematically supported to bear the weight of the material to be filled in the tank.
  • Numerous iterations were carried in Ansys each time adding various supports around the conical junction.
  • Number of team viewer sessions, Skype calls were held, going far; a WhatsApp group was created to make sure that client was in the loop of overall proceedings of the work.
  • Project was completed in 2 days’ timespan – where our dedicated technical team worked in shifts and on weekend.


Project Type