Finite Element Analysis of 28m Diameter Tank: Went out of roundness

Project Description

End Client site location:

  • The end client & project site was in Turkey.

Customer Requirement:

  • Create a 3D model and carry out Finite Element Analysis for a 28m diameter API 650 Tank using Ansys software.
  • Check if it fails and suggest reinforcements in the existing design.

Challenges faced:

  • Geometry: The tank was being installed and it went out of roundness in all 8 shell belts. The total height of the tank was 18m.
  • Timeline: As it was a live project, the customer requested delivery of the results within 1 working day.

Project Highlights:

  • There were 32 different plumbness readings across each shell belt. To model it using Solidworks was a strenuous task.
  • Though the project was complex, Ideametrics accepted the challenge to complete the project within 1 working day. Our engineers worked continuously for 20 hours and successfully delivered it on time.
  • The tank failed in analysis during the first FEA iteration. So, Ideametrics suggested some modifications in the design. After implementing those changes, the tank passed in FEA results.
  • The project that could have taken 12-14 working days was completed in just one day by our expert engineers.
  • It was the first project of Ideametrics with the particular customer. The customer was overwhelmed with the service and support of Ideametrics and now has become a regular client.
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