Structural Analysis


Structural Analysis

Structural analysis is carried out for a vessel or vessel component for following cases:- Structural loads on the components may lead to loss of structural integrity and the design needs to be checked for the same. To determine structural stresses require a structural analysis to be performed as a pre-requisite.

During structural analysis, the model is setup to consider loads such as process loads, pressure, dead weight, seismic loads, wind loads, operating loads and other mechanical loads. Material properties are setup which may be temperature dependent as per the code requirements. Solving the structural analysis we would get the stress state of the component, which provides key insight to whether the design will likely sustain the operating loads after installation”

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Ideametrics Private Limited is an industry leader in applying Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to the design of equipment’s. We have executed number of projects for FEA based reports validating product safety or illustrating shortcomings. Our reports are in compliance with design standards and can be made to comply with the multiple different registration guidelines.

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