Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis | Root Cause Failure | Failure Analysis Services

Failure Analysis

Ideametrics help in finding the basic root cause of failure in the process which leads to the failure of the process equipment. We have helped many of our client to find out the basic root cause failure in the heat exchanger or pressure or any other process equipment.

One of the case study we executed for the failure investigation of the failure is as follow –

Our Client owns and operates a Methanol plant and supporting Utilities & Off-sites plant. The principal raw materials for the plant are Natural Gas and Sea Water. All Utilities (desalinated water, de-mineralized water, steam, cooling water, power, and nitrogen) are produced within the integrated Utilities & Off-sites plant. Natural Gas is used as feedstock and fuel. Sea Water is used for producing desalinated water and as cooling media for process needs.

The Methanol Plant was designed by Jacobs Consultancy based on Johnson Matthey’s low pressure methanol synthesis technology to produce Methanol from Natural Gas feedstock. Water / steam, another important feedstock for this plant, is obtained by desalination of Sea Water. The plant was commissioned and started operations.

After start-up of the plant, one of the shell and tube exchanger in Methanol Synthesis section encountered tube leaks which has resulted in contamination of shell side process water and further affected the downstream process and operation of the units.

The purpose of root cause investigation analysis is to study the design and construction details of the failed shell and tube exchanger, carry out root cause failure analysis of the tube specimens in addition to conducting thermal & structural analysis of the exchanger.

On the basis of inputs and understanding, Ideametrics has conducted transient thermal analysis with coupled structural analysis to find out the failure of the heat exchanger tube sheet. The main cause of the failure is the temperature difference during startup of the heat exchanger across the inlet tube sheet which leads to the failure of the some tubes to tube sheet weld and causes leakage of the fluid.

Failure Analysis | Root Cause Failure | Failure Analysis Services

Ideametrics Private Limited is an industry leader in applying Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to the design of equipment’s. We have executed number of projects for FEA based reports validating product safety or illustrating shortcomings. Our reports are in compliance with design standards and can be made to comply with the multiple different registration guidelines.

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